Rick Schwartz sold men.com for $1.32 Million in 2003. Most investors lacked the confidence that .com domain names held significant value until that men.com sale, according to Rick Schwartz.

“Moniker.com and DomainSystems.com announce the sale of Men.com by Rick Schwartz for $1.32 Million.”

Schwartz began negotiating the Men.com sale in July 2003. The terms for the pure cash transaction require the buyer to make six monthly payments of $220,000 each, the first of which was received Dec. 19. Title to the domain (currently being held in escrow) will be turned over when the final payment is received on May 19, 2004.

Domain names are seedlings that you plant. Most take many years to germinate unless you turn them into a startup right away. Keep your day job in the meantime.

Rick also finds that .org domain names are more valuable than .net domains. He hardly gets any offers for his .net domains and the offers he gets for .net domains are only a few hundred dollars.

The domain names and TLDs both matter for a business email address and a website. It’s your corporate image like a 1-800 number

Anything longer than 10 letters makes a difference in a corporate email address.

Rick says that his job is to find domain names that put him in a good intersection like real estate. Things that he looks for in domain names that:

  • Are brandable
  • Have meaning
  • Aren’t perishable
  • Are a .com TLD
  • Are easy to spell and say
  • Cost $300 to $25,000
  • Are worth $15,000 to $10,000,000

Rick still hand registers domain names in addition to looking at expired domain name auctions and buying domains from people in financial need.

Rick prefers to sell domains for cash plus equity. He also sells domains on payment plans.

Rick Schwartz’s Notable .com Sales

Rick Schwartz does not usually buy domains to sell them, preferring to build up advertising revenues as opposed to one time profits.[14] Those he has sold include:

  • Flowers.mobi – $ 6500 [15] (Originally purchased for $200,000 [16])
  • RoomDividers.com – $75,000
  • OnlineCasinos.com – (Undisclosed)
  • ChinaTours.com – $200,000
  • TokyoHotels.com – $200,000+
  • PartnerCash.com – $110,000
  • SydneyHotels.com – $100,000
  • eScore.com – $100,000
  • 273.com – $50,000
  • RockStars.com – $180,000
  • 236.com to IAC – (Undisclosed)
  • Candy.com – $3M+Equity
  • Men.com – $1.3M
  • iReport.com to CNN – $750K[17]
  • Punchbowl.com to MyPunchBowl – (Undisclosed, 6-figure sum rumored)[18]