The following Search Engine Marketing Guide provides details about search engine marketing best practices for 2018.

Search Engine Marketing Guide

Search Engine Marketing is promoting websites on the internet by buying ads on search engines. It is also called Pay Per Click “PPC” marketing or SEM.

Every business trying to get found on the internet needs to how SEO works. SEO is about earning traffic through free listings called backlinks to quality content on your website. You don’t need to know how to build a website. But you should know how to spot defects in a website that impair your search engine results.

Every business spending money on PPC marketing should know something about PPC.

Most businesses need to pay an agency to help them get found on the web and to manage their PPC marketing. Dedicating two or more marketing staff members to focus their efforts on either SEO or PPC can pay off.

If you are a startup on a budget, spend some time learning SEO. It will pay off.


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