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Baby One is a great brand. Buy or become a Baby One franchisee in Canada.

Why Baby One is a great brand:

  • Baby One is easy to spell
  • Baby One is easy to remember
  • Baby One is less than 8-characters
  • Baby One is available as a franchise
  • Baby One suggests that a customer’s baby is number one
  • Baby One is an available brand in Canada as of January 2018

Buy a Baby One Franchise

  • Open your own Baby One store in Canada
  • Baby One is a startup brand, so the franchise fee is a modest $4000 at this early stage
  • The franchise royalty fee on sales is only 2%, half of which will be spent on promoting the Baby One brand in your local market

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While GoDaddy appraises at just under $1100 USD, we believe that it is worth much more in the Canadian baby market. Buy the franchise or become a franchisee. GoDaddy appraisal


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