Women love a black mini purse!

Buy the website and take it to the next level. Sell little black mini backpacks, black mini purses, black mini skirts, dresses, evening costume jewelry, shoes, compact flats for the walk home, and sparkly clutches.

Break into the young lady evening wear market with this low competition exact match keyword domain name “black mini” to build towards ranking for “black mini purse.”

The price of the domain name and website will increase as we develop a customer base and increased traffic rankings on Alexa and Google search for the terms  “black mini” and “black mini purse.”

Word Count: 2
Categories: Clothing, fashion
Keyword: Black Mini
TLD: .ca
Length: 9

Black Mini is a Category Killer Domain Name

Domain Keyword Tags: mini skirt, black mini, little black dress
Alexa Ranking:
Date domain registered: 2014/03/23
Domain age: 4 years

Average Monthly Search Stats – Broad Match – black mini
Monthly Searches: 307,500
Cost Per Click: $1.03 USD
Ad Competition: medium

Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [black mini]
Monthly Searches: 325
Cost Per Click: $1.13 USD
Ad Competition: low

What’s the difference? The search in [brackets], known as exact search, indicates the number of searches per month for the exact term ‘black mini’. The broad match indicates the number of monthly searches for any term containing ‘black mini’, for example ‘black mini backpack’ or ‘black mini skirt’.

The search volume for the term ‘little black dress’ is 1,000 to 10,000/monthly, with high competition.



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