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In Swahili, dawa means medicine, drug, or treatment.

Dawa Google translation in Swahili is medicine, drug, or treatment

In Urdu, dawa means to give, two, couple, pair.

Dawa Google translation in Urdu is: give, two, couple, or pair

Dawa has other meanings and refer to:

Dawa (drink), a Kenyan cocktail consisting of honey, lime, white sugar, ice, and vodka
Dawa (Tibetan phrase), meaning “moon” or “month”

Islamic Dawa Party, an Iraqi conservative political party

Dawa is a Geographic Name

Dawa River, a river in Ethiopia
Dawa, Guéckédou province, a village in Guinea

Dire Dawa, is the name of two cities in Ethiopia

Dawa Location in China

Dawa County (大洼县), Liaoning

Towns in China Named Dawa (大洼镇)

Dawa, Jilin, in Ningjiang District, Songyuan

Dawa, Dawa County, Liaoning

Dawa, Changtu County, Liaoning


20 Canadian Businesses Use the Word DAWA

Showing 1 to 20 of 20 entries
Rank Name Jurisdiction and number Creation date (YYYY-MM-DD) Status
1 DAWA CLEANING AB-TN19995356 2016-10-18 Active
2 DAWA JANITORIAL AB-TN14629075 2009-04-09 Active
3 DAWA CONSULTING ON-210822763 2011-08-02 Active
4 DAWA APOTHECARY ON-280097973 2018-01-25 Active
5 TWYLA DAWA ENTERPRISES AB-TN4712881 1990-10-17 Active
6 DAWA INVESTMENTS LTD. AB-203256391 1985-02-19 Inactive
7 DIRE-DAWA CLEANING AB-TN18513994 2014-10-01 Active
8 DAWA ENTERPRISES LTD. AB-2017547239 2013-06-12 Active
9 ISLAMIC DAWA CENTRE LETHBRIDGE AB-5015891848 2011-02-16 Active
10 DAWA ENTERPRISES LTD. AB-2115388379 2010-05-27 Inactive
11 DAWA BARBEQUE CO. LTD. ON-945614 1991-06-11 Inactive
12 DAWA PUBLISHING LTD. ON-588437 1984-04-13 Inactive
13 DAWA HOLDINGS LIMITED ON-391681 1978-08-02 Inactive
14 DAWA TRADING CORPORATION ON-1317705 1998-10-01 Active
15 DAWA DOLMA INC. ON-2273168 2011-02-02 Active
16 DAWA PUBLISHING LTD. CD-1675184 1984-04-13 Inactive
18 DAWA DAY SPA LTD. BC-0473473 1994-05-24 Active
19 DAWA PUBLICATIONS INC. BC-0807823 2007-11-06 Active
20 DAWA H C G INC. ON-1001208 1992-09-14 Inactive



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